Freshly made pastries 

When you bite into a pastry, your mouth should be filled with rich buttery goodness. The inside of any pastry should burst with flavor as it lingers on your taste buds. The top of a pastry should be flaky, crisp, and warm. We don’t sell any of our fresh pastries until all of these things are achieved. Our Pastries change daily, including: Eclairs, Cannolis, Individual Banana Cream Pies, Individual Key Lime Pies, Flakey Apple Galettes, Individual Chocolate Cakes, Banana Cake with Cream Cheese icing or Peanut Butter Icing, Seasonal Fresh Fruit Custard Pies, Brownies, Red Velvet Cake and Cheesecakes etc.! Gluten Free? Not a problem either we have a small range of items that we rotate daily. Meringue Tarts with custard and fresh fruits (Chocolate or Vanilla) Peanut Butter Cookies, Flourless Chocolate cake, Brownies, Clementine Almond Cake, Lemon almond cake, Almond Tarts filled with dark chocolate, Almond Joy cake, etc. Lastly Sugar-Free: We need 24 hours notice because we do not keep sugar free items on hand. Anything from the above lists can be made with a sugar subsitute. We also offer fresh fruit pies that have no added sugar. Come in and try one of our pastries in Des Plaines, IL – we guarantee you’ll love what you taste!

Pictured: Cream Puff Cake